To Obama and Gang

To Obama and Gang,

           Congratulations for accomplishing something many have dreamed of doing for generations. You accomplished your grand feat not through genius and professional execution but through world-class foolishness compounded with monumental lunacy. You began your campaign of folly by blundering into the Ukraine mess. Then your blunders made the mess messier and you ended up supporting an illegal government held intact by right-wing extremists and Nazis. Next, you blundered by blaming the consequences of your follies on Putin. Your silliness, however, remained hungry. And so, you decided to double down on your foolishness by pissing on the Great Bear of the North through lies, posturing, threats, and sanctions. You jerks truly are in a class by yourselves. To prove how insane and foolish you are, you act as if you can push Russia around as if she were no more geopolitically consequential than either Iran or North Korea.

           Again, I must say it, Congratulations. Before I mention what you have accomplished, I wish to point out that your blunders extended beyond your follies regarding the Ukraine to you, Obama, parading around the Western Pacific, shooting the bird at China for the sake of your so-called friendships with the likes of Japan and the Philippines. You also did so for the sake of your precious Trans Pacific Partnership—which is a giant insult to China, not to mention a stupid idea, anyway. Well, that exercise in foolishness conspired with your follies regarding the Ukraine situation to push Russia and China together. In April, they initiated high-level negotiations that have helped them get serious about forging a close relationship, concerning financial, economic, and geostrategic matters. Their intention to work together more closely than ever bodes ill for America’s future. Among other things, they have redoubled their efforts to find ways to replace the dollar as our world’s reserve currency. They will succeed in attaining that objective. America will then wake up someday to the news that she is far worse off than merely bankrupt. Her financial/economic system will collapse. So, Obama, be proud of yourself. You managed to engage the machinery of America’s doom.

          Hopefully, we will get lucky and avoid a war with Russia in the short run. In order to avert that catastrophe, Obama, you need to find some good sense, stop thinking you are far smarter than you actually are, and quit being a psychopath. Be humble and climb down from the rickety contraption that your blunders have constructed over the Ukraine mess. Then stop challenging Russia and Putin. You should have learned by now that he plays the role of a man in contrast to your role as infant terrible. Grow up and stop being a spoilt brat who operates through deception, duplicity, profound cynicism, and the behavior of someone anxious to share his self-delusions…. 



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